Hi you.

If you’re here, I kinda think it isn’t by accident.

I was a missionary and ordained pastor working in several well-known organizations within the renewal movement and evangelicalism over a period of about 20 years.

In 2013, I left the international ministry base in central war-torn Africa I had founded and led for 7 years under one of these organizations.

After 18 rounds with the cerebral strain of malaria and multiple other tropical illnesses endemic to where I was, my health crashed in late 2012-2013 and my nervous, immune and adrenal systems all but shut down necessitating me to relocate back in the USA.

That’s the part of the story most people know.  The other part I have not shared until now.  I was forced to resign from the base I had started after making difficult decisions that were absolutely necessary to protect the children in my care and to address devastating issues of abuse within portions of the organization in which I was serving.

These last 7 years have been a journey to get healthy myself, find my footing again, and discern where this new path leads.

While I no longer identify with the movement of Evangelicalism, my spiritual life is more vibrant than ever.  I connect to my broad Anglican roots, find beauty in liturgy, life in meaningful community, and joy in learning more of what love looks like every day.

Now I’m a writer, business strategist for creatives, an abstract artist, TBI survivor, creativity researcher, expresso afficianado, and super grateful poodle mom.  I’m so glad you are here.