the fractured land

broken ground bleeds
pain pulsing red
from fractured clay
cliffs, canyons
divided       so      wide
so deep we grieve
lurch forward halting
come be, re-member

no longer weaponize
or turn words
into knives 
to stab the silence

tumbled in chaos,
cacophony staged
locked in echo chambers
algorithms the chains,
shackled to screens in
the matrix we made

this uncivil war between
red, white and blue
while hope dares to breathe
fractured facts scatter
in discontent’s winter,
contagions rage

alternative truth unashamed
house of mirrored illusions
trust eroded 
like sand standing guard 
in a storm surge,
battered by winds
blown in circles we spin
the power flickers and dims
but the gas light is ON...


we turn it OFF

and begin

—dm perry

Written in response to the lies about election fraud that gave rise to the Capitol insurrection. I pray now with this new administration we can begin to see truth and trust restored.